The VideoPoker is simply a electronic poker game played on a slot machine or computer screen. Indeed, there are many similarities between Video Poker and slot machines from a strictly aesthetic and practical point of view. As in classic poker, Video Poker consists of opposing hands between the player and the game computer – which in a way replaces the dealer in land-based casinos. There are a large number of variations in Video Poker. The best known are the Deuces Wild , the Jacks or Better or the Joker Wild .

Each casino player has their own unique profile and way of playing. It is obvious that he will have to go through all the variants of Video Poker before finding the right fit. However, it should be noted that fans of classic poker find it easier to learn and then practice Video Poker. Knowledge of the different winning combinations and betting systems is a remarkable asset for anyone wishing to learn how to play Video Poker.

How the game unfolds

  • The player begins by betting, that is to say by introducing money into the machine to start the game.
  • The player consults the cards and can either keep them or discard a part of them.
  • Cards that the player has discarded are immediately replaced by new ones.
  • The player’s hand and the computer hand are opposite.
  • The player wins the game if his hand is higher than that of the computer. If not, he loses.

The Banco

In Video Poker, each time the player wins, he can perform a “Banco”. This option consists of doubling the player’s earnings. To do this, after having pressed the “Double” button, the player will have to turn over one of the five cards which appear on the screen, knowing that one of them is already presented face up. If the card the player turns over has a higher value than the face-up card, he wins double the amount of his initial bet. If not, he loses his entire stake.

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